So my old gaia account with all of my money and Sweet Items was tampered with and ended up being banned (and I was unsuccessful in trying to recover it) so I made a new one. 

This is my avi so far….I’m Macawlally on there so y’all should add me and maybe buy me things off my wishlist *wink* *nudge*

revamping some old characters mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Also here’s a lil fungi girl I did w some markers and a gel pen

commission for a friend! i haven’t watched this show yet but i luv the character design…..

wups wrong blog ignore that

I think I’ve said this before but JUST IN CASE, if any of y’all send me an ask and I don’t reply it’s probably either because I got it and no notification showed up/I didn’t see it OR it was eaten by tumblr. I’m always up to answer questions n stuff so I just wanted to clear that up!

Do you like Adventure time?

I have no idea when you sent this (no notification showed up??) so sorry if this is late but uh yep! I do. I’m not very caught up on it anymore like I’ve missed a lot of eps but it’s still a show I enjoy.

Mostly watch it for PB and Marceline admittedly tho.

but who wore it best????????

just a lil thing of all my loz ocs because Shrug

this is a terrible hour to post this but im 100% over it……

redraw of this holllllllllllllllly crap, that is almost 2 yrs old. time flies y’all.

better quality right here