i hurt my fingr and it got infected so i didnt draw for a few days bc it hurt but now im back and having done nothing but play gw2 nonstop those few days sure does make a fella want to draw all the cabbages

gay cabbage

im losing c o n t r o l

sorry im asking on artblog i dont have link to your personal ;v; WHICH GW2 SERVER DO YOU PLAY ON?? can i see screenshots of your sylvari hehehe

that’s okay!! I play on stormbluff isle I’m pretty sure!image

heres some more bc i luv takin pix of my cute ass sylvari

i’m pretty much constantly changing the colors of her outfit because i cant DECIDE……………

i am a really great person to play gw2 with because my sylvari is cute and perfect? obviously

luv that new outfit so i finally drew it

some doodlies for this ridiculous au

crocodile tears

helping ur giant nerdy bf w his homework

um how many of your ocs am i okay asking about btw bc i don't wanna ask too much and bother you but i am also curious about like all of them? if you're okay with summing more up for me could i ask about your characters in the frog killers tag? bc they all look really great.

I’m fine w/ however many questions ya got, anon! It’s no bother haha, I like talkin about my ocs! and there is aaaaaaa lot of em.

this one isn’t very long and I’m too busy to do any doodles for it but uh under the cut anyways!

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