ewww goddd that looks AWFUL resized. ill never win

Commission! This was a neat one and super fun to work on.

Korra in the style (? is that the right word even) of this (P4 Ete/Summer, 1896) Alphonse Mucha painting.

I think the only thing I’d change about this is that I drew it a little smaller than I meant to, but other than that I’m p happy with how this turned out and the commissioner was too !

these doodles are kind of underwhelming but i just wanted to mess around w their outfits…………….so



Alright so my laptop charger is busted and I could really use some money, so for a limited time only, mad cheap sketches! I can usually get these out pretty quick depending on what it is, and I’ll draw pretty much anything, just ask!
If interested contact me at deadwooddross@hotmail.com
If not, signal boosting is always appreciated!

wow those resized like garbage sorry y’all

messing around w digital painting but I’ve been busy so I haven’t gotten much done??? anyways idk when or if I’ll finish these so I guess I’ll just post them. 

i hurt my fingr and it got infected so i didnt draw for a few days bc it hurt but now im back and having done nothing but play gw2 nonstop those few days sure does make a fella want to draw all the cabbages

gay cabbage

im losing c o n t r o l

sorry im asking on artblog i dont have link to your personal ;v; WHICH GW2 SERVER DO YOU PLAY ON?? can i see screenshots of your sylvari hehehe

that’s okay!! I play on stormbluff isle I’m pretty sure!image

heres some more bc i luv takin pix of my cute ass sylvari

i’m pretty much constantly changing the colors of her outfit because i cant DECIDE……………